Our Mission Statement

The Magnificent Weirdos mission is:

  • To keep access and inclusion at the forefront of creating and the creative process, for practitioners and punters alike.

  • To facilitate making the practice of art commonplace for individuals and within communities.


What this means in practical terms


To support, advocate for, and collaborate with other practitioners and organisations who are making access and inclusion part of their core kaupapa.


To constantly work in cooperation with organisations and individuals with experience in and passion for access and inclusion, in the various different fields of arts practice.


To advocate for access and inclusion elsewhere, including lobbying governments and arts organisations to rethink and re assess as we become more aware of how things need to change to facilitate access and inclusion.


To keep performances affordable for all. This means to offer koha options for performances, where possible, and where that is not possible, to negotiate with a venue to find creative solutions to overcome financial barriers to entry. For example, holding a percentage of the tickets for koha… No lack of fun for lack of funds!


To endeavour to record and stream performances where possible. This will help give access to a wider community of people who are constrained from attending shows in person.


To provide regular workshops for the community at large, keeping the groups as diverse as possible in terms of ability, age, race, socio economic status, gender, sexuality and so on. It has been my experience that the more diverse a group is, the more learning, enjoyment and surprise there is to be had, further fostering the practice of art as something commonplace, everyday; an ordinary thing. The workshops will be led by practitioners experienced in their respective fields, encompassing everything from clowning and comedy, to music, fine art, storytelling, puppeteering and all the myriad expressions of art that exist. These workshops may be in person or online, and will be free to attend.


To make sure there is always a fair and proper exchange for the intellectual and emotional labour of experts and advocates, in the form of a living wage or contracted fee.


To make sure that there is always a fair and proper exchange for the creative labour of practitioners. Usually, this will take the form of a living wage, or a fee. Occasionally, it may allow for a bartering of skills, or the desire for the practitioner to work as a koha to the creative mission of the Magnificent Weirdos. That will always be the practitioners choice, and the Magnificent Weirdos will be led by it.


Any monetary profit made by the company at the end of each fiscal year will be put back into the creative works. Although incorporated as a Limited company, Magnificent Weirdos will practically function along the principles of a not for profit company.

- Sameena Zehra

Magnificent Weirdos Artistic Director, 2021