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Sameena Zehra


NZ International Comedy Festival

Wellington: May 4, 6, 8 at 7pm

Fringe Bar


Auckland: May 13, 14, 15 at 8.15pm

Basement Theatre

NZSL signed performances: May 6 & 15

Book tickets here

A1 NZICF:AUK Arsebiscuits small.jpg

We’re all some kind of arsebiscuit… the trick is how to be more biscuit, less arse.


In her debut solo show for NZICF, Zehra is doing what she does best - a goulash of storytelling and political commentary, peppered with absurdity, dark humour and personal context.


Is it possible to be a better person? Should we even try? And if so, how can we possibly achieve it, if we keep concentrating on the wrong things? What price friendship, when revolution beckons? What price joy and compassion? Are nuance and context lost forever? Was the shark really the villain in Jaws? And, most importantly, what about the menz?


Winner, Outstanding Performer, Tea with Terrorists, NZ Fringe 2017

Winner, Outstanding Ensemble, Fiery Tongues, NZ Fringe 2017

Nominee, Best In Fringe, Homicidal Pacifist, NZ Fringe 2016 

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