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Current Productions.

Five Slices of Another Life

5 Slices.png

Two women wait to be rescued from a burning building. Another finds salvation in a box of chickens. Things get awkward in a cafe. A detective investigates himself, and a blind seer delivers one last prophecy.

Five new Kiwi short plays, written by and featuring disabled and neurodiverse folk – are you ready to step into another life?

Starring: Etta Bollinger, Hamish Boyle, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Dane Isherwood, Hilary Norris, Shaun Swain and Susan Williams

Playwrights: Etta Bollinger, Hamish Boyle, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Steff Green and Angela Pope

Presented by The Magnificent Weirdos

Director: Jo Marsh

Production Manager: Lani Swann

Design: Jules Daniel

NZSL: Angela Murray & Byron Gibbons

Audio Description: Sameena Zehra

With support from CNZ, Wellington City Council and National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Tea with Terrorists is on Tour!

13-16 Sep at  TAHI festival of solo shows 

20 Oct at Hawke's Bay Arts Festival

27-28 Oct at Tauranga Arts Festival

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