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Current Productions.

Five Slices of Another Life

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After a successful development season at BATS, we'll be back in October next year, at the fabulous Hannah Playhouse

Two women wait to be rescued from a burning building. Another finds salvation in a box of chickens. Things get awkward in a cafe. A detective investigates himself, and a blind seer delivers one last prophecy.

Five new Kiwi short plays, written by and featuring disabled and neurodiverse folk – are you ready to step into another life?

Starring: Etta Bollinger, Hamish Boyle, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Dane Isherwood, Hilary Norris, Shaun Swain and Susan Williams

Playwrights: Etta Bollinger, Hamish Boyle, Helen Vivienne Fletcher, Steff Green and Angela Pope

Presented by The Magnificent Weirdos

Director: Jo Marsh

Production Manager: Lani Swann

Design: Jules Daniel

NZSL: Angela Murray & Byron Gibbons

Audio Description: Sameena Zehra

With support from CNZ, Wellington City Council and National Foundation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Tea with Terrorists has finished touring for 2023.

Plans are afoot for more... watch this space!

13-16 Sep at  TAHI festival of solo shows 

20 Oct at Hawke's Bay Arts Festival

27-28 Oct at Tauranga Arts Festival

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