Support Magnificent Weirdos


You can support our agenda/mission/kaupapa in a myriad of ways:

  • Spread the word

  • Lend your expertise

  • Be a mentor

  • Make a commitment to do more to foster access and inclusion in the performing arts- do it by giving the reins to folx from marginalised communities, letting them be the gatekeepers and the leaders


You can also directly support The Magnificent Weirdos, by contributing your spare gold doubloons, or some of that cash that always falls down the back of the sofa and is a surprise find when you do the spring cleaning. Contributions can be a one-time offering or a regular commitment - whatever works for you. 


How your contributions will be put to magnificent use:


  • $50 funds an hour of outreach

Outreach helps to build the community engagement in the workshops, letting people know how welcome they are to come and join, and to find out what kind of workshops they would like to see more of.

  • $150 funds an hour of learning and mahi from advisors on access and inclusion

Paying people what they're worth helps us to reinforce the importance of this knowledge in our community, and the value of what these advisors bring to the table.

  • $250 funds an accessibility practitioner for a workshop/show

One of our aims is to make the arts as accessible as possible at every opportunity, so help to fund an NZSL interpreter, a closed captioner, an audio describer or someone who facilitates experiences for people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

  • $1000 funds one workshop for up to 25 participants

Help people from marginalised and disadvantaged communities experience the unadulterated joy of being creative for no other reason than that it feels good and helps you to grow as a person.

  • $??? You decide the amount for weekly or monthly contributions

Whether it's the price of a coffee a week or more, your contributions will go to creating work and making sure all practitioners and supporting folx are properly compensated for their mahi.