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Community Workshops

If you’re an organisation that caters to a group of people in a community - whether you’re a general community centre or an organisation with a specific focus - we want to offer you and the people you take care of the chance to experience art.

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Corporate Workshops

Standard workshops for team building, and workshops tailored to the needs and size of your organisation. From one on ones, to large groups; get in touch to find out how we can work together.                               Learn more →                       

To provide regular workshops for the community at large, keeping the groups as diverse as possible in terms of ability, age, race, socio economic status, gender, sexuality and so on. It has been my experience that the more diverse a group is, the more learning, enjoyment and surprise there is to be had, further fostering the practice of art as something commonplace, everyday; an ordinary thing. The workshops will be led by practitioners experienced in their respective fields, encompassing everything from clowning and comedy, to music, fine art, storytelling, puppeteering and all the myriad expressions of art that exist. These workshops may be in person or online, and will be free to attend.

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